Dale Austin

Painter, carver, didgeridoo player and cultural educator

Dale is from the Ngombur clan, from the South Alligator region of Kakadu, but born in 1976 in Canberra. His father was a survivor of the stolen generations when the continuity of handing down culture was broken. Dale has spent many years of his life retracing those steps and learning the stories of his ancestors to be able to share this knowledge with future generations.

Dale Austin is a painter and carver, a didgeridoo player and a cultural workshop facilitator. In recent years Dale has worked with young people who come into contact with the Northern Territory’s child welfare services, inspiring them through art to reconnect with their ancestry and feel confident in their identity.

“I was born in ACT, my mother is from England & my father (now deceased) is from Kakadu. My father was stolen from his mother and clan and taken to Garden Point Mission, Melville Island. Now it is up to me to carry on our culture for the next generation.” – Dale Austin

Didgeridoo Performance (Approx. 20 mins.)

Didgeridoo performance with clapstick tapping on the didgeridoo, with cultural introductions to sounds.
Note: Playing the didgeridoo requires frequent breathing breaks.

Cultural Workshops

Didgeridoo & Clapstick Playing Workshop (1 hour)

Learn more about the cultural significance of the didgeridoo from this Kakadu Aboriginal didgeridoo expert while mastering the art of circular breathing and creating different tonal sounds.
Didgeridoo playing is for MEN ONLY, women can join by playing clapsticks

Didgeridoo Painting Workshop (Men Only) (2 hours)

Have your own painted didgeridoo to take home at the end of this fun workshop, guided by a Darwin indigenous artist. The artist can also discuss with your group the significance of the didgeridoo – and music generally – in Aboriginal culture.

Clapstick Painting And Playing Workshop (1 hour)

Have fun learning how to play clapsticks Kakadu-style, and understand the special Kakadu cultural meaning of what appears to be a simple musical instrument. Also enjoy painting your own set of clap sticks while guided by a professional Aboriginal artist from South Alligator Kakadu Country. This can be an excellent corporate team-building workshop and great to include for Family Day events, as it is appropriate for any age.

Painting Workshop (1 or 2 hours)

Guided by this professional Kakadu Aboriginal artist, learn how to paint either individually or as a group, while listening to Dale talk about the cultural significance of common artistic motifs.