Duda Baldwin

Duda Baldwin is a life coach, Buddhist teacher, inspirational speaker and writer. 

Through her transformational coaching, online courses and social media, Duda teaches Modern Buddhism globally using simple, everyday situations.

She believes Buddhism to be the cure for overcoming painful emotions and gaining wisdom for long-lasting happiness.

She is the Founder of “Little School of Buddhism”, an online course that makes Buddhism approachable to everyone.

In 2014, Duda spent time in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery where she took her vows. She sees her work as a bridge between the Buddhist monks and people wanting to apply Buddhism in their everyday life using a simple, practical approach.

In addition to her MA in Sociology, Duda currently studies Tibetan Buddhism with the Tibetan Buddhist monks and undertakes various courses on Modern Buddhism, Psychology of the Mind and Counselling.

Duda captivates her audience with a straight-forward, no-nonsense style of speaking and writing about human suffering that everyone can easily relate to yet she inspires with her unconventional wisdom on how to overcome adversity and grow from it. She draws inspiration from her own life-challenging situation that she transformed into success in both her personal and business life.