Julia Christensen

Experienced former ABC Darwin presenter, event MC and moderator

Julia Christensen is a well known voice in the Northern Territory thanks to her radio career spanning 28 years with ABC Darwin. She has presented every shift on the station but came into her own as a familiar wake up voice and hard hitting interviewer on the breakfast show on 105.7 ABC Darwin.

Memorable moments in her broadcasting career have included the East Timor crisis after Indonesia agreed to an independence vote, a Chief Minister/Attorney General telling her listeners the justice system is corrupt, and the drama of the Federal Intervention. Julia has seen politicians and governments come and go, but says the heart of the Territory will always be its people. They are unique, cheeky, opinionated and always up for a good yarn!

Her long term experience of living, working and raising a family in the Territory make her an ideal event MC, reflecting the unique local community, business and political environment.


Julia Christensen convened two events for the NT Writers’ Festival in 2016: a one on one interview with Richard Glover, and a panel of four memoirists, Magda Szubanski, Toni Tapp Coutts, Marie Munkara and Linda Wells.

Julia was well prepared for both events, having read all the authors’ books. She asked insightful questions and during the panel was skilled at dividing attention between the four authors.

We had excellent audience feedback for both of the events and I’m sure her skill as an interviewer was a great benefit.

Sally Bothroyd, Executive Director,

NT Writers’ Centre

Julia Christensen was Master of Ceremonies for the 2015 Northern Territory Disability Services Awards and greatly contributed to making the night an entertaining, successful event.  These awards recognise the sector and its workers, and Julia was wonderful at highlighting aspects of winners and their stories.

Julia engaged with the event and the audience, and her professional approach assisted us and meant the event flowed smoothly and to schedule.  My staff and I appreciated her preparation and assistance throughout planning and in working towards the event, and her assistance with media.

Julia is a professional and experienced presenter, who made our event a success.

Gabrielle Mullen, Project Manager,
Northern Territory Disability Services Awards